He has released hit after after hit since i knew him and taken hearts of men and women to be captives of his songs. People have been slaves to his talent in music. From mama mia, jamila and many, many others. Chameleon is back to give you the medicine to your heart music, its what he does best every time, anywhere.

chameleon boasts of over 30 million followers in Uganda only. He is an International artist so you can imagine how many more fans around the world.

He said once that, he will retire the day his concert will fail that’s an assurance he trust is beat on music and we love love him. So in short not anytime soon.

Great friend to Maina Kageni of classic 105 and darling to Kenyans. His music doesn’t disappoint even when he sings in Luganda we still listen to his rhythm and beautiful voice, i tell you.

Chameleon has for the longest time hit the headlines with his recognizable yet unique voice. This time round, he has a new jam dubbed Sili Mujjawo, one that without doubt is a hit no matter the language.

You will agree with me that he has talent and you can move to his jam no matter the Luganda he used;