Jose Chameleone seems to be tired of some people who are petty when it comes to artistes and their music.

On several occasions, he’s raised his voice on some music channels being utterly unfair when it comes to playing his music.


A while back, he had an altercation with Trace Muziki, who asked DJs not to play his music. This angered Chameleone, leading him to exposing the music channel.

Well, the media has pressed the wrong buttons. MTV Base East put up a poll on twitter for the best video of the month.

Jose Chameleone’s new hit ‘Sweet Banana’ was on the line up alongside ‘Marry You‘ by Diamond ft Neyo, ‘Cash Cash’ by Ziza Bafana and ‘Jubilation’ by Eddy Kenzo.

Jose Chameleone’s main issue were the media reports say that he should not have lost to Eddy Kenzo who’s song had a percentage of 38 while Jose’s had 1%.


The ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker went ahead to clear the air saying, “I only wish Media could evaluate their opinion. Why have I been the weighing stone for so many years?? This contest had Bafana, Diamond, Eddy and Jose Chameleone!!! Why do I highlight the Flop yet we all lost to one winner?????”

Being the bigger man in this situation, Jose went ahead and congratulated Eddy Kenzo for the win.

He said,  “Congratulations to Eddy Kenzo on this again!!! You have been voted and loved by millions and that means you have outstanding abilities. I am not an artiste you can scream about, When people see me they Cry” – Chameleone Quotes My fellow “Flopians” we are also winners!!!”