First things first, Congratulations Rayvanny and Fahyma!

Rayvanny, WCB’s youngest member hit the headlines early this year with what was termed as unfaithfulness to his baby mama Fahyma. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the Salome hitmaker confessed to having a thing with Nairobi D’s socialite Mishi Dorah.

Even after being cheating on, Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyma was seen to be supporting her baby daddy’s music projects on her social media accounts. Shocking enough, this guy Rayvanny was sleeping with a socialite while she, Fahyma, was nursing her pregnancy.

The Kwetu hitmaker and his baby mama are now blessed with a baby boy whom they have named Jaydan

Vanny. Rayvanny broke the news on his social media page and wrote;“Hongera fahyma Umekua Mama sasa Acha utoto ???????????? NAKUPENDA!!”

Fahyma his baby mama posted;

“Siamini kama nimekupata mwanangu Jaydan vanny I love you to day and forever ❤️ sema nini uchungu wa mtoto sio kitu cha sports sports ni ????????????????????????????????”