Real passion has no boundaries. And that is what Celina, popular actress for TV show, Mother In Law has. Celina whose real name is Katherine Kamau surprised fans by shedding weight, drastically. This time, again, she has done something drastic to her appearance.13450118_2219187651555269_1373341996745422431_n

So, making big major changes seems to be something Celina is accustomed to.  Check out some of Celina’s different hair styles. After all, it is believed that your hair is 90% of the selfie.

The beautiful actress who is loved by many was the talk of town last week. This was when she stepped out with her fiancé and long time boyfriend for a red carpet event. Celina who is engaged to former Tahidi High actor, Phil Karanja, caught the eye of the media who then started speculating about their “upcoming” wedding date.

Anyhow, Celina has made a major change in her general appearance.

She took to social media and posted this,

“Good morning my persons. Acting is a serious job, not a hobby, not a part time thing that you do beside a main job NO!! You cannot excel in it without the talent and most importantly passion.
We cut our hair, we lose weight, we gain weight, we do krazy things to fit into a role. Now that’s passion. New TV series alert!! Tag your favorite actor / actress.”14671199_2277899315684102_5134937976055498243_n

Mega successful fashion icon, Coco Chanel says, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Celina’s social media post was accompanied with this photo of her transformation.