Femi one is one of the best female rappers Kenya has ever seen. And yes, she has had a transformation that has amazed many. Team mafisi keep running at her now that she is a slay queen.

The Pilau Njeri hit maker had been previously trolled by fans in what they termed as bad make-up and lack of knowing how to dress her body.

She now seems like she has hit that gym, got designer clothes and has been learning tutorials on how to do that make-up.

Now she is a slay queen.

femi one one

Lately, Femi has been spotted on social media sharing photos that have left Kenyan men yearning for her. The singer who is now ruling the airwaves with the Tippy Toe remix has added to the list of Kenyan rappers who have had great tranformation among them the first lady Nazizi who pulled a big surprise to fans when she ditched her tomboy clothes.

Here are Femi One’s latest photos:


femi one 6


femi one 5