Days are gone when the music industry was only known for its creativity. Nowadays, looks are very important even if you aren’t an A-lister. We have seen these good looking lasses change the music industry and it seems we are yet to see more.

But despite rumors that the Kenyan music doesn’t pay, many talented artistes are continuing to join the industry to try their luck and Janet Kanyi commonly referred to as Figa B is one of them. This lass is beautiful. Her gorgeous looks have bamboozled many.

She is a great singer and recently she released her new single “Missing You”. This song is dope. The video too is of high quality. (Insert Maina Kageni’s voice).

The lass who bears a freakish resemblance to singer Marya is a true definition of beauty and brains and below are photos to prove this:


Figa B


Figa B