So, Vera Sidika turned 27.She celebrated her birthday in style, as would be expected aboard a private jet, surprised by her lover.

In the spirit of her new rebirth, she decided to reveal to the world, her man, or so we think.


On an Instagram post, Vera posted a picture of her ‘man’ looking dapper in black and white posing next to her.

In the picture, Vera looks beautiful standing next to him dressed in a flowing off-white gown.

We don’t know whether this man is behind Vera’s affluent lifestyle since the picture was posted without a caption.


In a recent picture, Vear posted a picture she captioned #Bae showing only a faceless man seen wearing a Tshirt, and his hands with a wristwatch next to a pair of half-filled wine glasses


 The comments ;

evemso_smartWow couple ???????

zarminaj Mhmmm finally we seeing the man behind ur Heart , you guys look cute together I’m saying it’s him

n_a_z_boss.babeMtu na bae wake, happy for you boo❤

lynn_thee_worldchild finally the berry is up ….. . this dark berry must have some good juice, all the best doll

_dark_kenyan_x@ash_ndirangu there is her boyfie

splinter24654@cate_brenda_njeri . YOMMY is the guy on this pic. He has a Tanzanian baby mama. YOMMY Hata visa ya huku dubai hanaga.

vivvyianSo cute, he Berra put a ring

medosarWenye wivu wajinyonge. …. Mnapendeza mashallah

phinah.mutheuYou look Gorgeous Vera! I hardly comment but if he’s the one……you two look lovely.May God bless you [email protected]

kareywangari@nimodyrane huyu ni ule tuliona kweli?