Avril is one of the sexiest celebs around. I actually usually find it hard to interview her because my eyes usually wonder and it’s genuinely difficult to think when all my blood is rushing from my brain.

So it should really come as no surprise that I am writing this article with a tinge of jealousy… Nay, with bucketloads of jealousy choking me up inside. How dare Timmy… Allow me to tuck in my ovaries before we proceed.

Now, I recently got my grabby mitts on a video of my celebrity crush suguaring his dingaling a good ne and my heart broke into a thousand itsy bitsy pieces. First she chose to break my heart in half with Bwana Muga.

I held my tongue because I couldnae compete with a millionaire. Then she was linked to Oliech and my heart died just a little bit.

But niow a video has surfaced that shows her briefly grind on Timmy and I am saddened. I however take heart with the knowledge that she is simply sifting through all the frogs to find her way to me, her one true love.

Until then, enjoy the video of her grinding on Timmy TDat as I go cry myself to sleep. No wait, someone needs to let Dela know she needs to come get her pet fisi. He is slobbering all over the lovely Avril. Anyway, here the video is: