One minute the couple are parting ways and before you know it, they are back together and all seems well. Then the cycle repeats itself.

Earlier this week, the Ugandan artist posted on his social media that he was somewhat single confirming the impending divorce.

‘’I am not the man you sought and I apologize for wasting your time. Thanks Daniella Atim Mayanja, Mama Abba, Mayanja. I am glad to be single again, I guess you are too. I won’t write, express or even regret every moment we shared. Will always miss you D. I have done enough wrongs than rights. I will love and keep our children priority.’’ The post read.

Come Thursday, he was singing a different tune. The message he had posted earlier was nowhere to be found and he pointed an accusing finger at a malicious friend who allegedly had access to his facebook account.

The couple with their children

‘’In June I entrusted a friend with my passwords to all my accounts on different Social Media platforms to help me as we promoted the #LEGEND concert. They have been running smoothly until early this morning when my Facebook got spammed by malicious person(s).

Yesterday 2nd August 2017, Some ill intended people accessed my Facebook account and page on which they made a very disturbing update post purely intended to not only distract my Family but fans at large.

They tried to damage by portraying that I walked out on my wife Daniella. Which is not true!!!

I after receiving many calls from concerned ones I responded by deleting the post, recovering and securing my page and account. Just like anybody else would do.

On behalf of my Family and fans,
I use the same platform to apologize for the damage caused and God willing the one responsible will be put into light.

Contrary to rumor that my wife Daniella and I have parted ways, we are still and will always be together in marriage and most importantly happy even when am away on my Australia tour 2017.

Pls share

LEONE ISLAND MUSIC EMPIRE.’’ The long post read.

This is not the first time Chameleone is refuting divorce allegations.

On April 18th his wife Daniella filed for a divorce case against him at the Chief Magistrates Court at Nakawa citing physical abuse towards her and her children and alleging that the ‘Valu Valu’ singer is a drunk and cruel man.