Kampala-based Okuta Ceaser Maris, popularly known as Silver X, is originally from Juba South Sudan and one of the most recognisable faces in the South Sudan music industry. He also run a record label in Kampala, Holy Land Music Empire, where he has signed and mentored more than ten stars.

The 29-year-old singer cut short his ambition to finish his A-level education, a dream that he revived years later, in 2008 after senior school level where he tossed himself into the unpredictable world of show business despite the challenges that face many local artistes in Juba. He later relocated to Kampala to cut a niche of himself as well as make a living out of his talent.


“I was a good poet in school and a bright student in general though I chose to follow my passion, which did not augur well with most of the people who knew me. They believed I was wasting my future since I was a star in academics. I actually did my primary level education in only four years instead of the usual seven back at home, covering two classes in a year,” he recalls.

All the while in school his love for music was unmatched. Ironically, he says that if he could turn back time, he would go back to school and probably become a doctor or an engineer so as to help his people. But he has regrets for the decision he took.