Aki Chipukeezy! Huyu ni mtoto wa nani? Ok, let’s rewind kidogo….

Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge shot in the air on Tuesday to stop workers from closing down a Shell petrol station he operates on Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Vivo Energy hired the workers to confiscate equipment after the Senator allegedly failed to follow some rules.

It was a rather weird and scary moment as no one saw it coming. Was it wrong? Of course, it was! Firearms are not playthings!

Many are pretty pissed about the whole situation and the level of impunity shown by the MP.

Well, this comedian made fun of the situation and has provided some comedic relief which might cheer you up.

Chipukeezy is one crazy guy. Not to mention funny as well. When it comes to comedy, he fits right in. The news on the whole gunshot saga reached his ears, I mean, duh! News spreads like wildfire nowadays. If you have ever watched his videos, I bet you’ve seen how creative he can be.

So now, he has done the Senator Njoroge challenge and my oh my, you can only wonder what goes on in this guys head…

Watch the video below;