Chipukeezy’s latest clip is a funny highlight of how senseless Kenyan music is getting.  According to the comedian, our music cannot be compared to Tanzania’s which is both entertaining and still has a message.

Recently, comedian Eric Omondi made a very successful funny clip trolling artists like Diamond and singer Akothee. The clip went viral.


Chipukeezy’s latest clip involves trolling Kenyan artists such as Willy Paul and Timmy.

Now, his friend Chipukeezy has also released an almost similar clip that involves trolling Kenyan musicians, who, he claims have lost music direction.

“Tanzanians have nice music which is very poetic,” Chipukeezy says in the funny clip.
“I try to compare to our Kenyan counterparts and I don’t want guys to judging me but our music doesn’t have much sense.”

0fgjhs7nou9hk3b0c-d1eacf4fWilly Paul has been named among artists who are making gospel music that sound secular.

The comedian went on to compare Timmy Tdat’s music with Tanzania’s showing how senseless Kenyan love songs can be. He also states that the issue is spreading to gospel music and even went ahead to highlight Willy Paul’s new hit “Fanya” as a good example of a “bad” gospel song.

Others trolled in the clip include President Uhuru Kenyatta and former radio presenter Caroline Mutoko.