Christian Ronaldo is one of the well paid footballers in the world and darling to many for being a king in the football field. And more so for having great experience and tactical in the football game winning many hearts all over the world.

He is filthy rich and worth millions in $ 305 US dollars, owns his own jet, He is a man every woman would love to be on his side.

Over the weekend Christian Ronaldo did his team Real Mandrid proud after he scored two goals against Juventus. Of course as always everyone would want to do the best for his team i believe and that’s exactly what he did give his team a win.

So after the win he decided to change his looks. Maybe he thought his fans would like his new look as always but got the shock of his life.

After he posted on his Instagram and asked fans what they thought of his short hair instead of his curly colored hair. Most of his fans didn’t like his new hair style and told him they prefer his long hair.

It might take sometime for his fans to accept his new looks.