Days are gone when pastors were known for their boring dress codes (oversized mshaino suits). Nowadays, pastors and spiritual leaders across the globe have adapted to more sophisticated lifestyles and controversial city Pastor Apostle James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre is one of them.

From driving expensive machines to staying in posh city estates to dressing in designer clothes, Pastor Ng’ang’a is lucky; thanks to his gullible followers who still throng his church. The ‘man of God’ is said to be among the best-dressed pastors in the country. Unlike his counterpart Kanyari who is poor at dressing, James Ng’ang’a does not disappoint when it comes to fashion. He is always on top of trending clads.Pastor-Nganga7Pastor-Nganga1




Last year Apostle Dr. Maina ng’ang’a was in the media for all wrong reasons and kenyans had the perception that he has a direct line to hell.

For 3 years, he had  hit and killed someone on the road, pulled some strings in the police force, and is seemingly on his way to evading justice again.

It was reported that another person turned up claiming he was on the driver’s seat at the time of the accident, a very similar story to what happened when Ng’ang’a hit a pedestrian the first time in 2012.

When this latest accident happened, he is said to have been drunk as a skunk, on his way from a party at his yet to be opened ‘Sunny-Hill Hotel’ in Naivasha.

Gone are the days when men of the cloth were known to be faithful, straight forward and God fearing. Nowadays we hear all manner of things and shocking details of their lifestyle.

If everything goes as planned, the luxury hotel will be opened next month. Here are some pictures.

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