Last week ended in sadness to the whole of East Africa after legendary singer Radio passed on.

His death came as a result of assault in a Ugandan club where a bouncer is said to have battled him causing serious head injuries, he was hospitalized for some days but later succumbed to the injuries.

A requiem mass was held for him on Friday and church leaders raised concern on how celebrities are living life nowadays.

According to a Ugandan tabloid by the name “The observer” one priest by the name Rev Fr Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi was quoted saying  “#Uganda-n artists should learn how to handle fame. Says they should stop using drugs, stop living extravagant lives, stop abandoning their wives, shouldn’t engage in unnecessary fights… “\

Fr Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi

Well his remarks are not far from the truth and not only for Ugandan artistes but to all the celebrities out here, who tend to live extravagant lives and get in fights.

Hoping his advice will go a long way to both upcoming and established artists.