The weekend is just coming to an end. Being a Sunday, I know a lot of guys are still in bed or on the sofa nursing some nasty hangovers, thanks to the marathon bar-hopping and suicidal drinking which started three days ago. Congratulations!!!


All the concotions you confused your head with are finally catching up with you. It’s a sure price that you have to pay without much complaints. It’s like whipping yourself in the butt, or pinching yourself silly!! You are not supposed to cry over that. Jibambe!!!

A good number of other guys are still holed up in dingy lodgings in downtown Nairobi with their chips fungas aka gonga uhepe aka hit and runs. Exhausted from too much drinking and drilling, the body is still too lazy to wake up and leave for Roysambu where your wife or girlfriend is lying in waiting. Congrats to you too!!999205_664096450274684_161533613_n-328x42010487429_832174783466849_7495375132219717274_n-634x42011698875_1126843667333291_5710117849440033556_o_easy-resize-com_-560x420

But please don’t take some strange infection to the dear wives at home. Hope you put rubber on the shaft!

Then we have others who still can’t fathom how they wasted thousands of shillings attending some concert that lasted only a few minutes and made up majorly of massive lip-synching. Si mngenunua album instead! But kama uko na pesa tumia! If it’s truly yours.

When all these folks were at it, some other chap, a popular Churchill Show/Raw comedian only known by his stage name Kamaneno, was at some other corner of Kenya, “hand-cuffing” himself. Kufunga pingu za maisha!!

We have the beautiful photos from his nuptials and my oh my!! They are simply amazing!14612446_10154838341815579_3380429953972438839_o_easy-resize-com_-560x420