Things are definitely about to get heated and for the first time we just might get treated to male beef on Nairobi D.

Perish the thought that Luwi would ever get involved in something serious because I think we have all established that he’s really not a man but a charade of a pretty boy.
I can’t stand the fact that he doesn’t provide leadership in his situation with Pendo and can’t even control her. Weakness in men is a disgusting quality.

But away from my tangential rant and back to the matter at hand.

Colonel Mustafa has had enough of Prezzo and has vowed to teach him a lesson.

“Kuma la mamaye! Kiboko chake kipo!”

Actually, the full statement was:

“Sasa mimi namjua najua ni mtu wa aina gani. Mafans wake wanaweza kunichukia lakini mimi nitakiweka wazi yeye ni mtu wa aina gani. Huyo Raisi wenu, President huyu Prezzo wa muziki huyu munamwita Prezzo. Ya! Tutajua nani baller, nani msenge. Halafu safari hii ni kifo cha Azonto kuma la mamake kifo ni kifo tu!”

The video below will start right from where he made the statement: