This is where drama lives… With Prezzo!

Let me start by saying love is so unfair, while Mitchelle Yola and Nairobi D’s Judy are rumoured to have fought for Mishi Dorah’s hunk of a brother, Prezzo is fighting for her with Colonel Mustapha.

Mustapha is one of the Kenyan artistes we’ve known the longest -since the time he was in the group Deux Vultures with Nasty Thomas. Since he parted ways with Nasty Thomas, Mustapha has been in alot of controversies…. And I mean alot.

From having a nasty break up with Chokoza hitmaker Myra to making a short term relationship move with socialite Huddah, Mustapha has had a long chain of girlfriends.

So, who is next? You ask? It is none other that Prezzo’s ex-girlfriend Mitchelle Yola.

Talking to Larry Madowo, Prezzo revealed that he would ‘Catch a case” on any man that would date Mitchelle Yola.