Akothee is one lady who we all know treasures the power of speech. She says whatever she wants and when she wants. It’s her mouth right?…

She adores her social media fans and always shares what’s on her mind. This time she was in a rather fifty-fifty type of situation as she contemplated on whether she should get saved and leave the unearthly ways of the world.

“Sijui mda Huu niimbe tuu gospel niokoke niachane na mambo ya dunia ? lakini nikiachana na dunia nitaishi wapi mie AKOTH. ? NA sioni njia yoyote ya kubadili mavazi au tabia yangu yoyote , waona inawezekana kweli? basi ungependa niingie kanisa gani maana Sda hawapendagi ujingare.”

Well, she might just have the answers to her question sas Size 8 seems to be more than willing to come to her rescue.

Speaking to Pulse, Size 8 went ahead to tell Akothee that she should give her life to Christ just as she had done.

I used to be a secular artiste before getting born again and I know the dilemma of trying to hold on there but I am asking Akothee to come to Jesus. In fact, who knows, she could even become more famous and earn more like I am doing since I got born-again.

She continued, ” I know so many secular artistes who want to get born-again and I think now is the time. Akothee should not worry about her dressing or even going to church as God will fix that once she declares salvation. Besides, if she wants to sing gospel, she should know that gospel songs are a testimony, they should be inspired by God.”

Photo Credits: Instagram