Comedian Fred Omondi was on Monday night involved in a road accident along Nairobi’s Parklands just after the Klub House turn as he drove from Kempinski.

Although part of his vehicle was badly damaged, Fred escaped without any injuries at the time and called his brother Eric Omondi to inform him of the accident but assured him that he was fine. According to Eric, efforts to have his brother visit the hospital were in vain as he insisted he was fine and went home directly.

However, it was not until Wednesday morning that Fred called his brother to inform him that he was experiencing slight pain in his left leg and was on his way to the hospital to undergo a number of X-rays to determine the level of injury.

Is Eric Omondi’s fiancée pregnant?


Jokes aside, Eric Omondi could be the next celebrity father. The comedian’s fiancée Chantal Grazioli has a little belly bump that Eric wouldn’t want to say much about at the moment.

While attending the Yvonne Darcq Duka launch, the pair looked pretty together as they posed for our paparazzi. Chantal’s tight top exposed her little belly with her skin showing.

“Baby shower? Not yet. That is yet to happen,” Eric joked after Pulse asked him if his heartthrob had been thrown for a baby shower party yet.

“I have seen her vomiting…just a little bit, but I am not sure what is going on. I will let you know soon,” he added, laughing it all away.

Comedian Eric Omondi has been in the USA for his comedy world tour. He has staged performances in different cities.

What Americans paid Eric Omondi for street acrobatics


He has also managed to make money on the side as a street acrobat at Times Square, earning Sh6500 ($65) from passersby.

“I made 65 dollars in less than two minutes in Times Square as an acrobat. That’s like Sh6,500. Hivi ndio watu hukwama America,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

Eric’s world tour that kicked off with a performance at the Bomas of Kenya will end on December 12 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

While in the US, he got a rare opportunity to be hosted by Oscar winning Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o at her New York home.

Eric, who once brought a Lupita look-alike to one of his comedy shows, shared the moment on Instagram captioning it thus:

With my home girl @lupitanyongo. Thank you dear for hosting me and for your encouraging words, always. #AboutLastNight #ValidDreams #EricOmondiWorldTour.