A handsome reward of 6 figures is what Atomy Sifa decided to risk his life for, insulting Luo kingpin Raila Odinga in a disparaging song.

An affront on Raila Odinga in Luo Nyanza literally warrants a death sentence, Benga singer Tom Mboya Ang’ang’a also known as Atomy Sifa knew the risks but the lure of 6 figure monetary reward blinded him.

Atomy Sifa together with Tede ja Kenya composed a song in praise of Uhuru Kenyatta, the same song ‘Uhuru Nyale’ (Uhuru is capable) also criticizes Raila Odinga and urges Luo people to stop following him.

Sifa went to exile in Tanzania after receiving threats from several people who accused him of showing Raila in bad light and betraying the Luo community.

Atomy Sifa in Abuya, Mwanza, Tanzania. Photo/Courtesy

In an interview with the Sunday Nation on phone from his hideout in Tanzania, Sifa stated that he was doing menial jobs to survive. He sent a plea to president Uhuru to consider him for job appointments.

“Now that Kenyans have re-elected President Uhuru Kenyatta, I am asking him to consider me for a position. I am an orphan. My children and my band members are worried over my whereabouts,” Sifa said.

The Benga singer revealed that he reached an agreement to be paid Kes 500,000 by a Jubilee activist to sing the controversial song. He was however paid Kes 40,000 only with the promise that he was to be paid the balance later.

Sifa pleaded with Luo community to forgive him, he defended his decision to sing the song saying that he needed money to send his daughter to school.

“I was desperately looking for money to send my daughter to school and for food. I ask my Luo brothers to understand me. I have more than 10 albums and I have composed more than five songs for Mr Odinga. What wrong have I committed by composing a song for Uhuru?”