President Uhuru Kenyatta has met several celebrities including a famous dance group. Uhuru met with dancing group FBI in State House and boy he can do the ‘dab’.

Very few people can be able to play the role of the Commander in Chief(C in C) of the defence forces of Kenya and at the same time afford to drop that tittle and be cool. Like really cool.

Like a baus. Uhuru meets FBI.Photo: Dennis Itumbi/Facebook.

But President Uhuru Kenyatta has managed to be both the C in C at one time and in the next minute, will be seen hobnobbing with dancers and doing what they do.

Case in point. On Wednesday, February 8, Uhuru hosted the FBI dancers, a famous dancing group in Kenya known for their jaw dropping gyrations. They dance like contortionists.

Boy, oh boy! Prezzo Uhunye does know how to ‘dab’.Photo: Dennis Itumbi/Facebook.

Although we are not sure what the FBI mission was in State House given that Uhuru or should we call him Uhunye for this matter, wore a Jubilee branded jumper, the president did join them for what seemed like a brief dance session.

He was captured doing the ‘dab’, and for the initiated, it is the trending dancing style.

And boy, did Uhuru slay it? So cool for a C in C.

Uhuru with Radio Jambo presenter Mbusi. Photo: Dennis Itumbi/Facebook.

The President also met popular Radio Jambo presenter Mbusi.

State House did not however reveal the behind the scenes discussions but since it’s campaign period, we can only speculate.

Uhuru poses for a photo with Gospel Musician Rufftone. Photo: Dennis Itumbi/Facebook.

Uhuru also met renowned Gospel musician Rufftone still on the lawns of State House. What is cooking?