Diamond Platnumz net worth
Share on Facebook Send via email A great many times awarded music star who is well-known in the East Africa and beyond. He is a rich and famous person who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. His music is recognizable to many Bongo Flava and Afro-pop devotees. He’s also a writer and dancer. Guess who he is! Of course.
Diamond Platnumz!
If you want to know more about one of the key man in the music world, his interests, cars, and apartments read on!
Diamond Platnumz Diamond Platnumz net worth
It is equivalent to 4.5 million dollars. The hard workers always succeed! The singer had proved it statement completely. He stands proudly among three richest people in the East Africa.
Diamond Platnumz House
There is talk that the musician’s house is measured more than Ksh70 million. The villa is situated in the capital city Dar es Salaam. People call it the golden apartments. They affirm that the walls inside are engoldened but nobody knows the karat of used noble metal. Of course, this golden house isn’t a one-off. “There must be other houses in the country belonging to the musician”, numerous fans insist.