Tiffah Dangote is among the most popular children we have come to know in East Africa. She is barely 5 years but so far many artists have been mentioning her name in their songs and I bet this is because she is Diamond and Zari’s only only baby girl!

Anyway just recently I happened to bump into a photo shared on Tiffah Dangote’s page revealing that she happened to catch a skin disease from school and it has now started affecting her hair.

From the caption it is easy to see that the post was shared by her mum who wrote to say,

I have beautiful hair and no it’s not the braids causing problems. I had a skin disease i picked from school. Let my hair be, it will grow back soon🙄good morning.

Looking at the photo shared on Tiffah’s page it’s not quite visible to see some of the effects apart from the the brownish color it has.

Check out the lady post below:

Tiffah’s post