During an interview with Tanzanian station Clouds FM on September 9th, Diamond Platnumz admitted to cheating on Zari Hassan with Hamisa Mobetto. Diamond took full responsibility for his actions and accepted Hamisa’s new-born to be his.

And now, a Burundian woman has come out of the woodwork claiming to have sired twins with the singer.

The 24-year-old who goes by the name Jesca Honey on Instagram claims to have met Diamond in 2013 when he travelled to the country for a concert. Diamond sent one of his boys nicknamed Mafya to approach her and directed her to a hotel room where they got intimate.

“Since then, he has never given me financial assistance,” stated Jesca.

She shared photos of her twin daughters on Instagram and even stated that she’s ready for DNA tests to be conducted to eliminate any doubts that they are Diamond’s children.

“Please Diamond Platnumz, I have solely taken care of these children since they were born. It’s time for you to take them and care for them. I give up” wrote Jesca.

According to Jesca, the singer’s mum Sandra Sanura Kassim is aware that Diamond sired twins with her.

Jesca also made damning accusations against Zari Hassan, stating that they were best of friend before Zari was overcome by greed and went ahead to date Diamond despite knowing that Jesca was pregnant with Diamonds’ child.

She also accused Zari of hacking her Instagram account which had 450,000 followers.

Jesca stated that she will travel to Tanzania on September 25 with or without Diamond’s assistance to seek his audience.