The last lover is a 24-year-old toy boy. They haven’t met yet since he lives in another town but she loves the excess attention that he gives her. He is also good looking and asks for lesser money.

She asked for advice from the  Kilimani mums and here are some of the comments:

Nyaoks Mage Hehehe, Sawa, multi tasking on another level

Akinyi L. T. Owino Drop everyone including you. And start from scratch. Basically take a break from all the relationships because they have confused you completely.

Cindy Wake Palma we ni sex hawker tu…. sister ya Irene….. ua nunu suffers most…. we ndo utajua Ka utaendelea ama uwache coz I don’t think ur young….. but Hao wanaume ni wengi drop wote saitani!!!!!

Barbara Muhenje Zlatan Aki bahati huangukia watu wenye hawakucheza game ghai

Gatwiri Njeru Drop vibow-wow the’ll make you broke.choose between baby daddy and the older.your bills gut to be paid hunny.

Doris Wanja Mbati Just a quick querry, how do you manage four men at ago? My sister you have a talent in cheating coz if you have managed all of them without being caught. I would advise you, you drop all of them and remain with your hubby and work on improving your relation

Shalom Mbugua Drop the other three men..Concentrate with your baby daddy…There is a problem…Your baby daddy provides when he is pushed..Is it because there is poor communication between you two??

Shiro Muchemi What you need is deliverance n prayers from fornication,this is not normal at all.Why don’t u concentrate on knowing God and you will see what he will do in your life.Kwa Sasa ni hayo tu.

Mims Boit Towo My Advice is give me the older one 45 dude so you got three remaining to choose from…not that hard!