Unakosa show twice….What do you expecti???

Darassa, a Tanzanian rapper, has finally spoken after he failed to appear in his Nairobi concert for the second time. The lad made headlines with his Muziki hit which saw a good reception from fans and the entire music industry. In fact, the song has over 6 million views on YouTube…na haringi.

Shariff Thabeet (Darassa’s real name) has come out to reveal the reason he has been disappointing his Kenyan fans. Talking to Tripple P, the Too Much hit maker cited that he made an agreement with his Kenyan event organizers but to his shock, they did not pay him nor sign the contract.

“Hao Jamaa wamenichonganisha na watu wangu…Walinifuata home, tukaongea biashara…Lakini wameshindwa kufanya taratibu za biashara.Mikataba haija-signiwa, hela hazijalipwa.

Darassa says the promoters have destroyed his reputation to his Kenyan fans, according to him, the promoters told fans of his coming without clearly communicating to him.

He continues to say;

“Wamearibu sana alama yangu…Am sure tutafanyia kazi hili suala.”