Hawa wako na madeni za watu! Forget their hot videos that grace our TVs every time you mention the word gospel music. These gospel artists are the real thing, meaning, the real definition of ‘transaction is being processed‘…

Just when you thought all the drama is over after allegations of some artists not producing “real gospel” music, there is much more than their so-called “new generation” music. I must say, they are human just like you and me but if you want to minister to me, you have to pay your bills.

It is written, give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. Well, let me unveil the gospel artists who you should be very careful about before lending them your money. Hawa hawatarudisha;

Didi (Kelele Takatifu)

Hii Ni Ngori! A friend of Kelele Takatifu’s, Didi, went ham on the Bamba Mbaya hit maker, citing that it has been 4 years now since Didi borrowed a loan from him, of which he has not yet seen payment. The friend identified by the name Kifaru went on to say that whenever he calls Didi, he gives different excuses. Lipa madeni bana!