Dating after 40 is a much different ball game compared to your younger years.

It’s because millennials are getting married much later than their parents did. Focusing on their education and work, and spending less time on serious relationships.

So even though dating apps make it much easier to meet a person these days, that doesn’t seem to result in more marriages.

In fact, when young people say they’re dating, that’s often just a polite way of saying they’re having fun and sleeping with someone. What’s for sure is that they’re not thinking about getting married any time soon! By the time you reach your mid-30s, some people have decided that they don’t ever want to marry, and so they go on dating just for fun.

But lots of people in this age group – especially women – decide that it’s about time they started a family. So they start looking for someone who’s willing to commit to a long term relationship.


By then, most of the suitable ones are married by then. Most people do still get married by their early 30s. Leaving just the permanent bachelors, unfaithful marrieds, and a scattering of genuine singles. But there’s also another group of course.

Men and women who’ve been married but are on the market again, perhaps with children, because they’ve lost a spouse, or their marriage failed.

So this means that people over 40 must be really selective about who they date. And meet many people. Hundreds in fact, because only around one per cent people of the people you meet will be right for you.

Its good to know that only a handful will survive your small talk, you should only go further with someone who exactly matches your needs and values

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