Apparently Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond’s love affair didn’t start last year. Diamond only impregnated Mobeto in November 2016 but their love affair goes way back.

Mobeto spilled the beans during an interview with Clouds TV’s Soudy Brown on Sunday October 15th. The Tanzanian  model says she has been in a relationship with Diamond for almost 10 years.

The mother of two revealed this while explaining her decision to sue Diamond over child support. Hamisa sued her baby daddy for failing to provide financial assistance to their son.

“Mwanamke ambaye anakubali kukubebea mimba, mnalea wote mimba miezi tisa mingine hadi 10 halafu mgombane kidogo hakupeleki mahakamani, haijawahi kutokea labda huyo mtu awe hajawahi kukupenda. Mtu ambaye nina uhusiano naye takribani miaka tisa na sasa inaingia kumi, siwezi kukurupuka na kusema namfungulia mashtaka,” said Mobeto.

Hamisa and Diamond plan to have a baby together

Mobeto also says she didn’t get her son by accident or tricked Diamond into impregnating her. The lass affirms that they jointly agreed to get a baby. She explains that she truly loves Diamond that’s why she agreed to have a child with him.