Mama Wema, Miriam Sepetu, i said to have been arrested for fraud and was held at the Oysterbay police station for about 8 hours where she was interrogated for ‘stealing’ money from one business man, Alex Msama.

Miriam Sepetu was arrested on Saturday morning and was forced to stay in police custody as the police were gathering details from the businessman who apparently says the lady conned him Tsh 14 million. As reported by reliable Tanzanian tabloids, the lady’s case was assigned Number. OB/RB/3358/2017 and filed meaning that she will soon face the judge.

epetu had sold one of her houses located at 663 Block E, in Sinza for Tsh 125 million to the businessman Alex Msama without telling him that she had used it as a collateral since she stood in as a guarantee for a friend who had taken a lump-sum amount from TIB bank.

Her main aim was to sell him the house inorder to get more cash to pay off the bank loan to avoid the house being taken. Alex Msama says he had been giving her about 14 million but before he could complete paying her off, mama Wema Sepetu went ahead and sold it to another buyer.

Wema sepetu with her mum

Wema Sepetu with her mum

Now, Alex Msama wants his money refunded and mama Sepetu hasn’t denied doing it however she claims that she will only refund Tsh 8 million which is written on paper as she knows nothing about the other 6 million he is talking about.

Her lawyer who is the official advocate for the Chadema party, Tundu Lissu, got her out on bail and she is now waiting to answer her case in a few days.

This comes a few weeks after Wema Sepetu was arrested for using drugs.