800m world record holder David Rudisha has been appointed President of the CAA commission.

David Rudisha, Kenya’s 800 meter champion has been appointed as the President of the Confederation of African (CAA) Athlete’s Commission.


David Rudisha wins a race at a past international meet.

He takes over from Frankie Fredericks of Namibia who is also a record holder in the 200m.

According to a letter from the CAA President Kalkaba Malboum as quoted in the Star, Rudisha had been chosen for many objective reasons.


Meet Police Officer David Rudisha

“I have chosen you to lead the destiny of this important commission. Furthermore, we would appreciate you propose a work plan to enable the CAA to put in place all the necessary conditions for starting your activities,” wrote Malboum.


Rudisha celebrates his Olympic gold medal.

Rudisha was elated by the news.“This means Kenyan athletes have been given recognition. I will ensure the rights of athletes are observed and I will seek the improvement of incentives to prevent high rate of transfer allegiance by athletes from the continent,” said Rudisha.

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The news site also published that other Kenyans appointed to top positions include Milka Chemos who was named the Athletics Kenya Athlete’s representative and Jinaro Kibet, the Athletics Kenya vice president, was appointed to sit in the IAAF committee in charge of legislation in the transfer o allegiance by athletes.