Kenyan athlete David Lekuta Rudisha has done us proud time and time again ensuring our flag flies high in foreign competitions.

The 27-year-old, who has been nicknamed ‘King David’ because of his athletic prowess, does live like royalty as his name suggests. Disclaimer: I was not expecting otherwise!

A few days ago, Rudisha posted a photo showing his eldest daughter wearing the medal he had just won around her neck.

“With an aspiring future champ. Wish you nothing but the best my daughter,” he captioned the photo.

What caught the attention of many was not his daughter biting the gold medal – a practice common with many athletes – but the elegant mansion that stood firmly behind her.

One would easily think that the two-storey house is owned by the who-is-who’s of this country. But then again, isn’t he? Don’t even get me started on that neatly lawned garden.

RudishaCheck out his elegant house below.


That aside, Rudisha is still mum on whether his wife made true her promise.

Days after clinching the coveted Olympic gold medal, his wife Lizzy Rudisha organized a small party for street children in Eldoret town to celebrate her husband’s historic win.

Speaking to the media during the occasion, Lizzy said she had ‘something good’ in store for her husband upon his return. Over to you Rudisha!