Fresh details of the woman who drowned at Hilton hotel swimming pool, Thursday morning have emerge. The woman was captured on CCTV surveillance stark naked along the hotel’s corridor before the incident. The woman’s mother is serving prison time in China and was sentenced to death for being in possession of heroin

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Zippora Adhiambo Omondi was found motionless at the hotel’s pool shortly before 5am by her American boyfriend Ashraf Amin Fathy.

Ashraf who is a pilot with EgyptAir, together with a female friend found the deceased at the pool on Thursday morning, August 18.

Zipporah is said to have left the boyfriend and the friend in the room at around 4:00am for a swim at the hotels’ pool.

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Fresh details of woman who drowned at Hilton hotel emerge

Swimming pool at Hilton Hotel in Nairobi

The mother to Zipporah is reportedly in prison in China and is sentenced to hang for being in possession of heroin

Reports now indicate that CCTV surveillance showed the trio heading to the room staggering before enjoying a meal of Pizza and whisky.

She is then seen heading to the pool fully clothed where she swam for a while without any difficulty.

The woman later leaves the pool for the room, then  comes out minutes later stark naked followed by her boyfriend and the friend who was also naked.

The CCTV then shows the pilot and the friend rushing to the pool after realising Zipporah was motionless.

Police have now arrested Ashraf for questioning following the mysterious death.

Nairobi Police Boss Japheth Koome said police have launched investigations into the unexplained death.

“The incident took place at the Hilton hotel where the woman and the boyfriend had checked in at dawn. They had been partying during the night and had frequented two clubs in Westlands,” he said.


Zipporah’s family is still coming to terms with her death terming the incident double tragedy since the deceased mother is also facing the hangman’s noose in China.

Christine Nyabera Ongowo, was arrested in the Guangzhou, China and has been sentenced to death for being in possession of drugs.

She left Kenya in 2007 leaving behind three daughters including the deceased.