We have all heard the catchy lyrics to Dela’s new hit song Mafeelings addressing the hurtful betrayal that comes from people who are close to you.

An issue many of us face… Word is going round that this song is about a real life experience involving our very own top DJ Pierra Makena! For those who don’t know, she is truly a work of art, from acting to spinning decks and most recently singing.

Its not a surprise to find out she’s giving Dela a run for her money! Dela has hit Pierra back hard and has surely put her back in her place with this banger after a recent incident that had happened before the release of the song.

The two were spotted at an uptown classy joint having a heated argument about a mutual male friend as an observer had stated, ‘The fight was stopped before it got too physical”.

This is too obvious to be mere gossip. If you haven’t listened to Mafeelings you are missing out big time!