Dela, of “Hello” remix and “Mafeelings” fame, released one more song in April from her slew of good jams this year and it doesn’t disappoint.

The song is called “Ahadi Zako” – Your Promises. “Ahadi Zako”, as you can tell from its title, is a ballad of heartbreak. In it, Dela sings about the aftermath – what happens when someone promises you the world but only gives you his back. Can’t sleep? Can’t eat? Sounds like infatuation, or a broken heart.

Nina ndoto zako

Usiku silali, mawazo

Hasira ‘menibana kwenye koo

Ni wewe hukutimiza ahadi zako

Though the words are ballad-y, undoubtedly, the beat has a taarab touch, which is where Dela seems to be going with a lot of her new music, with the exception of “Third Party Lover”, which sounds more reggaeton/ragga influenced. If you remember, “Mafeelings” had that sound that makes people want to kataaa, kata.

Regardless of the fact that “Ahadi Zako” is meant to be a sad song, there is still a note in the background that one can get up and dance to – unless, of course, you’re the one who is suffering.

Now, we all know that anything where Dela has a chance to fully showcase her voice and song writing skills is going to be a good song, and Ahadi Zako is no exception. The harmonies are soothing and moving at the same time.

Every guitar pluck by the talented Allan ‘Sucre’ Wanjohi and Moses Odumbe feels like a pluck at your heart. Co-written as well by Moses Odumbe and produced by R-Kay, the audio already has 9000 views on YouTube. Add your view to it as well.


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