Delvin Savara has been in pain for the past one week after he broke his leg. His fans and friends went to visit him at the hospital while others called him and sent him quick recovery messages.

His fans on social media were not left behind as they showered his timeline with messages of encouragement. Well, Savara left the hospital a few days ago and from the look of things he’s recovering one day at a time although it will take him about 8-10 weeks to recover fully.

But things seem to be going down south after Savara posted a video on social media complaining that one of his guest’s feet were really stinking the whole house. It might have been a humorous video but his fans did not take it lightely.

Many thought that it was rude of him to make fun of someone who took their time to come visit him after he left the hospital.

Read some of the comments below;

hezzymwa: I thought you had brains btn your ears…..kumbe umebebea skull tu….aiseee, beta ujiulize mbona ulibunjika!

jajaalaine: Savara comments are uncalled for,should have been grateful they came to visit.Bringing negativity to the group.

mongaredenis: Someone sick but so ungrateful when people come to visit him..Can’t you have mercy on yourself..and btw did you know you add no value to the band because of your mediocrity? Your head is just empty..I have zero respect for you..In fact your voice is pathetic..I wonder if you can even pass TPF auditions.. Useless fellow on earth.

sonnieafrica: You’d have told him in person. I don’t think it’s right ‘kuanika’ someone who sincerely and in good faith came to see you at your difficult time