When he visited our offices a few days ago for an interview, Dennis Okari was looking tired, unlike his usual energetic self.

What stood out even more was that the fact that the investigative journalist  had shed off a lot weight and this raised many questions reason being the ‘changes’ happened when he and Betty were rumoured to be going through a rough patch.

Our very own Uncle Chim sought to find out the real reason behind his tremendous weight loss and the reason he gave was baffling to say the least.

Okari revealed that he has been hitting the gym a lot lately and maybe that’s why he looks thin.

“Let me be very honest with you, towards the end of last year….uuhm I  have tried to go to the gym. I have been on and off, on and off. I had an injury many years ago on my back ago while I was working in Mombasa, that stopped me from going to the gym,” he said.