okariThis guy will die at this rate. I do not care what anyone says, it is not normal for the human body to shrink this much! Dennis Okari used to be the very image of health by any African’s standards.

He was portly but not fat and whenever you saw him, you could see just how well life was treating him. Well, not anymore!


After allegations surfaced about him beating Betty Kyallo (allegations first insinuated by his brother-in-law), coupled with rumours about Betty Kyallo, (the woman he married and with whom he sired a beautiful daughter) warming the bed of some Coastal politician, he seems to be paying the cost of being embroiled in this clusterfek.

And to be honest, he doesn’t cut the image of a healthy skinny guy, he looks like he is plagued night and day by the demons of his situation and these self same furies refuse to allow him to eat!okari-looking-skinny

I have always found it intriguing that women in Kenya consider marriage an achievement. I do not understand it. It is simply a rite of passage one can choose to get trapped in -it’s not like men celebrate circumcision.betty-kyallo4-696x418

Nut there are some women who do not play about the real achievements. The career women who are aggressive about their professional progression and put in the work.bet22-280x420

Betty Kyallo is one such woman. After her marriage went belly-up, she decided to focus more on work and this has her rubbing shoulders with some decidedly wealthy men as you can see from the photo below: