Anerlisa Mungai is a household name considering she is one of the rich kids we have around.

Her fame and influence is nothing to ignore looking on how her thirtieth birthday went down with all walks of celebrities gracing the event.

Well away from her current affairs Anerlisa was fighting weight loss challenges a while back, and after that she went through a surgery to remove some weight loss stretch marks and many confused that to a weight loss surgery.

However recently she opened up on the type of surgery she underwent stating it was just a Laser stretch mark removal surgery after she lost 80kgs from 120kgs to 66 so as to remove stretching marks, but she also went ahead to address the rumor after a local tabloid said she had a weight loss surgery by saying,

I remember when i came back home from the fitness camp, some friends said all sorts of things including liposuction and tummy tuck but I have always been that person who let people say whatever they want, I never have anything to prove back,

Fast forward to today, I decided to take time (1 year and 6 months) to loose the weight slowly and the right way. My current trainer has always told me to do it slowly and sure ( long term results), “From my past experience, I learnt yes you can loose weight in a very short time but its not sustainable. I never gave up, I still believed I can do it again and this time sharing my story with lots of people encouraged me to keep up,”she conclude.

Well we cant deny the fact that the girl have really tried to shed the unwanted weight and she is an encouragement to those who are battling with a weight loss journey.