We’ve talked so much about being a patriot of this great country but one Liverpool player who never got the chance to live in Kenya has amazed many.

I’m talking about Divock Origi the son of a former footballer Mike Okoth who was born and raised in Ostend in a family full of footballers.

Forget those that go to the States for a week and pretend they know nothing when it comes to this great national language. Origi, is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a forward for premier league club Liverpool and the Belgium national team.

divok origi 7

From an interview this football wizard held with BBC Swahili, it is proof enough that Origi is proud of where he comes from. The footballer surprised many after he spoke good, fluent Swahili, something that many thought was close to impossible.

Further more, the lad has been hanging out with Victor Wanyama. Could he be the reason behind Origi’s good Swahili?

Here is the video;