It seems Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz has had enough of everyone hating on his bae Zari, who according to him has been going through a tough time since her late husband and her mother died, and now more than ever needs love and support.

During her late mums funeral many people accused Zari of not mourning properly. I don’t know what this really mean, because we all grieve differently, or did they expect her to break down and collapse?

So after all that hate, Diamond is speaking out and telling off her haters.

In a strongly worded message Diamond Platnumz has promised to spoil her rotten to make her haters jealous. He said;

Kuna vichupi kunuka wanajifanya wanajua sana uchungu wa Misiba ya watu…. Mtoto wa watu katoka katika matatizo mfululizo, anatakiwa apelekwe sehem tulivu apetiwepetiwe adekezwe apate faraja!…sasa kama nyie hamna mabwana wa kuwafanyia hayo, Msijifanye ni Tamaduni na kulazimisha kila mtu awe kama nyie, eti kutwa nzima ajifungie chumbani kulia… Pambaneni na Mahusiano yenu…! Nina siku 5 za kumpetipeti… leo ndio kwanza Ya kwanza 😛

He also shared this photo of them relaxing probably reading all the garbage responses y’all throwing their way.


So the two lovebirds jetted into Kenya for an event at a top club in Nairobi. While settling in Zari and Diamond decided to bless our social media with videos of them semi naked, getting it in.

While some fans were so impressed about the lovey dovey moment, others were quick to criticize Diamond, and the hate that has been spewed can’t be repeated here. Zero chills on social media!