Zari is a hot lass. That is a fact even Diamond’s friends are well aware of. No really, they were also trying to get into her pants.

This reminds me the adage about old men marrying beautiful women;

A man who marries a beautiful woman is like a farmer who plants maize at a crossroad… Everyone eats it.

But that is in reference to old men and trust me, with the way Diamond moves on stage, he is no old man. But be that as it may, he still has issues with Zari. He was recently at Clouds FM and revealed on air that he had friends who were eager to get to know how her guava tastes -even though it had given birth to 4 beautiful babies.

During the interview, it was revealed that Zari used to be harassed by Diamond’s friends who would feed her a steady diet of bullshit about him and his “evil ways” and all in a bid to part her thighs. At this point, I must say that I am looking at Diamond funny because they say birds of a feather flock together.

But the sexy flexy crooner mended the situation by getting rid of his cockblocking, self serving, back biting friends.

But looking at those photos, I know I too would be trying to smash if she ever came around where I was.