It’s is hard to fathom why a father of two lovely children would diminish their existence of such souls by calling them ‘sperm’

Social media is boiling after Diamond Platinumz posted a photo of him and Zari’s two Kids, Latifah and Nillan Dangote with a rather unconventional caption ‘My Sperm and I’.

Diamonds post outraged many of his followers who questioned whether he was really in his right mind when he posted such. They wondered how Platinumz reduced two grown kids to just sperms.

My Sperms and i!!!……😍 @princess_tiffah @princenillan

It seems his latest spree, sleeping around with multiple women including Hamisa Mobetto, Dillish among others has turned the singer from a father to a sperm donor.

Read comments from Followers.

“What kind of father calls his kids sperm?” said clydeblaise

“A little bit of disrespectful language to ua kids, family and friends. Those are not ua sperms you need to study and know the difference between sperms and human being. Be a man of ua class,” said jomuraguri.

”U must be high on something baba tee… What?” said celinengunjiri.

“I think they are all somehow retarded!” said [email protected]_shotgun.