Maina Kageni has come to Diamonds rescue after he left Africa shaking with “poor” English. Fans have been hard on Diamond lately every time he posts something with misspelling or typo errors.

To an extend of saying he is a ‘rich fool’. Or may be they are tired of him flaunting his riches online and they want to make him feel it in a way.

Recently he posted on his social media pages advertising his cologne, Instead of saying i feel incomplete without Chibu Perfume, he said he felt incompleted instead of incomplete without the Perfume. The fans went over the moon that he has poor English.

So, Maina Kageni may be thought of doing something and asked the fans to ignore the typo since English is used for communication and not a measure of intelligence. And i think this really saved the day.

Some fans said it’s only in Kenya where by people criticize you for broken English while in other African countries they don’t care.

One fan Quoted ‘we see big footballers speaking in broken English and nobody is concerned’.

“I was about to correct his English then I remembered he is successful in life and I am not. I just had to shut my big fat mouth,” added Carol Kennice, a fan.

Diamond launched his cologne ‘Chibu Perfume’ on Tuesday online.

Diamond is yet to announce the official launch date as well as retail price for the perfume the tagline for the perfume is ‘the scent you deserve’.