Zero chills! Diamond has decided to take his detractors head on. The Tanzanian superstar was recently trolled over his post on Instagram.

Diamond was on the receiving end of offensive remarks from enraged netizens over his post. The ‘Hallelujah’ hit maker stirred up plenty of bile when he referred his kids as ‘my sperms’ in a post on IG.

Baba Tiffah however does not give a damn about what critics said about him. Diamond threw a major shade at haters who trolled him over his post.

Haters are broke

Diamond says the people who hate on him are broke ass niggas. The singer explains that people who have money have no time on hating on other people.

“You don’t need to hate me because i don’t hate you. By the way i don’t f**king know you. The person that hates me i don’t know you. I only know people who love me because i concentrate on the people who love me, who support me.