News going round is that Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz’ wife could be pregnant with his second child. There has been growing speculation about it and it seems it could be true. Zari has of late been uploading only close-up pics of herself just showing the face unlike the past where she would splash her full frontal photos showing off her sexy figure, both in bikinis and body hugging outfits. The only time she posts full photos is when she is rocking heavy clothes.

According to close family members, Zari is indeed 4 months pregnant barely 8 months after giving birth to her daughter, Tiffah. Word is that Diamond Platnumz is supposedly begging her to abort, because it’s too soon after their first-born and he doesn’t want to be seen as a “careless” dad, but the mother of four has rejected his demands. Diamond has allegedly tried to get family members from both sides to intervene, but his requests have fallen on deaf ears.Zari-Hassan24

“Wamemshangaa sana kwa kushindwa kuwa makini wakati kwa sasa kuna mbinu nyingi sana za kuepuka ujauzito, sasa matokeo yake amesababisha hadi kuwe na mvutano unaokosa muafaka,”

A member of the family told Global publishers. Zari is said to be doing all this just to keep off the “thirsty” women who are dying to have a piece of the ‘Utanipenda’ hit maker. Earlier this year during his just concluded Tandale Tour in Europe, the two lovebirds fell out and they slept in separate rooms, forcing Diamond’s mother to intervene.

When Global Publishers called Diamond for a comment, he laughed it off and here is what he had to sayZari-Hassan29

“Dah! Habari hizi sijui muda mwingine huwa mnazinyaka vipi, sijui hapa niseme nini zaidi ila unachotakiwa kufahamu mimi bado nahitaji kupata watoto zaidi ya mmoja na ifahamike kuwa ninapenda watoto sana, maana uwezo wa kuwahudumia ninao hata hivyo kushika mimba kwa Zari ni mapema sana.”Zari-Hassan21