During his recent interview with E!TV over the weekend, it was reported that Diamond Platnumz the Tanzanian Bongo star is currently worth Ksh 400 Million. 


The 26-year-old singer has really been pushing the envelope with his passion and creativity proving that he’s the king of East African showbiz and as a result he’s raking in millions from it.

During the interview, the ‘utanipenda’ singer revealed that his money comes from shows, brand ambassadorial deals, endorsements from companies like DSTV, Coca-Cola, Uber, and Vodacom. Royalties, Ringtones and call back tones have also made him a lot of money.

Diamond is also the owner of WCB Wasafi Records and is said to have gone heavy in the real estate business too.5ff7e5367849e7f40d25ea0dc133c5a9

Wakenya mko wapi?

East Africa’s finest Diamond Platnumz might lose some of his fans if the rumour going round is true. Recently, Diamond Platnumz declared that he is worth $4 Million but many did not believe him. Most of his fans were shocked about Diamond Platnumz’ revelations and this saw him trend online in Tanzania for the better part of last week.1

Many have linked the Utanipenda hitmaker to Illuminati, witchcraft, black magic among other vices, but he has always denied these claims. A few days ago, Diamond landed a lucrative deal with one of the leading Ketchup manufacturers in Tanzania and he posted photos on social media after the deal was sealed but one tiny detail must have escaped his notice. On his office table, there was a golden model of a human skull that caught everyone’s attention.


Both his fans and haters speculated that Diamond is either a Freemason member or he uses black magic to acquire his wealth.

When he was reached for a comment by a local publisher Risasi, Diamond refuted claims that he engages in black magic saying that the skull is a decoration just like any other.

Ni urembo au pambo kama mapambo mengine, hakuna kitu kama hicho.
Usidanganyike, hakuna anayeweza kumuweka mtu juu zaidi ya Mwenyezi Mungu.
Mimi naswali sana na namtegemea Mungu kwa kila kitu na kweli ananipigania.
Unajua watu wengi wamekuwa wakizungumza oooh…natumia uchawi lakini ukweli ni kwamba maombi, ubunifu, juhudi na heshima ndivyo vitu vinavyoweza kumfanya mtu yeyote kupata mafanikio katika kitu akifanyacho au jambo alifanyalo.”