Diamond Platnumz has been one the richest artists in East Africa and may be Africa. The artist is so rich that he launched his line of perfume this week. He has bought expensive bentleys cars to his children just as young as they are.

Recently he bought a very expensive machine for his move arounds in South Africa which proves, money is not the problem but how to use it.

He is also known to be generous, recently he had to respond to a fan who told him, he should give offering in mosques because he is so rich. This is what he said, that he has sponsored several mosques without support from other people and that is enough offering.

Diamond has grown up in Tandale which is believed to be for the less priviledged. He was brought up by his single mother. He has shown a lot of gratitude to her after she gave him a gold chain as present but opted sell it to produce his first song.

He is now rich and famous and wants to do something for his Tandale community. He has decided to built a heart clinic for the less privileged and a hospital where by they can get cheap health services.

He has already started discussions with people concern about this noble project.

This is a heart of gold. Considering many people after becoming rich they forget where they have come from and focus in getting more richer everyday.