The songs are directed at his wife Zari Hassan, baby mama socialite-cum-model Hamisa Mobetto, his ex-lovers  Wema Sepetu and VJ Penny.

“Achana na Penny wa Darling, nilimuhonga na gari aliponiambia ana mimba mwisho wa siku akaichomoa chali! (Leave Penny alone! I tried bribing her with a car when I discovered she was pregnant but in the end, she aborted our baby),’ an extract from Diamond Platnumz’ song Sikomi.

Well, for those who didn’t know, the Utanipenda hit singer and  Penny dated in 2013 before he left her for Wema Sepetu after they discovered that they were cousins. Their grandmothers were sisters hence they couldn’t go ahead and marry each other as it is a taboo in most African communities.

Diamond Platnumz and VJ Penny